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Bài tập về Đại từ trong tiếng Anh

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  1. Bài 1: Chọn đáp án đúng:

1. You and Nam ate all of the ice cream by _______.

A. yourselves             B. himself            C. themselves            D. yourself

2. What is _______your phone number?

A. you                      B. your                C. yours                     D. all are right

3. Where are _______ friends now?

A. your                    B. you                  C. yours                      D. A and B are right

4. Here is a postcard from _______ friend Peggy.

A. me                      B. mine               C. my                          D. all are right

5. She lives in Australia now with _______ family.

A. she                     B. her                  C. hers                         D. A and b are right

6. _______ company builds ships.

A. He                      B. His                  C. Him                         D. All are right

7. _______ children go to school in Newcastle.

A. They                   B. Their               C. Them                       D. Theirs

8. Nam and Ba painted the house by _______.

A. yourself              B. himself            C. themselves               D. itself

9. The exam _______ wasn’t difficult, but exam room was horrible.

A. himself               B. herself             C. myself                     D. itself

10. Never mind. I and Nam will do it _______.

A. herself                B. myself             C. themselves              D. ourselves

11. You _______ asked us to do it.

A. yourselves          B. herself             C. myself                     D. theirselves

12. They recommend this book even though they have never read it _______.

A. yourself              B. himself            C. themselves              D. itself


2. Bài 2: Điền đại từ vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:

  1. ……asked Mr. Simon, my science teacher, what glass was and……said that is a liquid.
  2. Hi Dana! Are……still coming shopping with us tomorrow?
  3. My mum studied history at university. …… says……was a really interesting course.
  4. Scientists are working hard to find cures for lots of diseases, but…… haven’t found a cure for the common cold yet.
  5. Adam, do…… think…… should all bring some food with us to your party?
  6. Dad, do…… know if…… sell computer games in the market?

3. Bài 3: Điền đại từ vào chỗ trống để hoàn thành câu:

  1. Alice asked me about that book. Did you give……to…….
  2. I met Bill today, he went out with……girlfriend.
  3. Why does the teacher always give our class many tests? She hates……or something?
  4. They paid Michael Bay a lot of money to make this film. They must like……very much.
  5. I haven’t seen Adam and Ally for ages. Have you met……recently?
  6. I have two brothers and one sister; ……sister is a student.
  7. This is where we live. Here is…… house.
  8. Those aren’t my brothers’ dogs. …… dogs are big, not small.
  9. What’s……name? – I’m Alan.
  10. My son told……that I need to stop smoking.

4. Bài 4: Lựa chọn đại từ nhân xưng chủ ngữ/ tân ngữ phù hợp:

  1. (We/us) all went with (them/they).
  1. They know all about my friends and (I/me).
  1. His mother and (he/him) came last night.
  1. There are some letters for you and (me/I).
  1. What would you do if you were (he/ him)


 5. Bài 5: Lựa chọn Đại từ để hoàn thành câu:

  1.  Julia had a great holiday. She enjoyed herself.
  2.  It‘s not my fault. You can’t blame ….
  3.  What I did was really bad. I‘m ashamed of ….
  4.  We’ve got a problem. I hope you can help ….
  5.  “Can I take another biscuit?” “Of course, Help ….. !”
  6.  You must meet Sarah. I‘ll introduce …. to her
  7.  Don’t worry about us. We can look after in ….
  8.  I gave them a key to our house so that they could let …. in.
  9.  I didn‘t want anybody to see the letters so I burned …..


1. Bài tập 1:

  1. A
  2. B
  3. A
  4. C
  5. B
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. D
  10. D
  11. A
  12. C

2. Bài tập 2:

  1. I – he – it
  2. you
  3. she – it
  4. they
  5. you – you
  6. you – they

3. Bài tập 3:

  1. it – her
  2. his
  3. us
  4. him
  5. them
  6. my
  7. our
  8. their
  9. your
  10. me

4. Bài tập 4:

  1. We – them
  2. me
  3. he
  4. me
  5. him

5. Bài tập 5:

2. me

3. myself

4. us

5. yourself

6. you

7. ourselves

8. themselves

9. them

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