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Bài tập a/an/the và some/any

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  1. Bài 1: Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống (chú ý: ký hiệu “x” có nghĩa là không cần mạo từ):

1. We are looking for _______ place to spend ________ night.

A. the/the                   B. a/the           C. a/a              D. the/a

2. Please turn off ________ lights when you leave ________ room.

A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

3. We are looking for people with ________experience.

A. the                          B. a                 C. an               D. x

4. Would you pass me ________ salt, please?

A. a                             B. the              C. an               D. x

5. Can you show me ________way to ________station?

A. the/the                   B. a/a              C. the/a           D. a/the

6. She has read ________interesting book.

A. a                             B. an               C. the              D. x

7. You’ll get ________shock if you touch ________ live wire with that screwdriver.

A. an/the                    B. x/the          C. a/a              D. an/the

8. Mr. Smith is ________ old customer and ________ honest man.

A. An/the                   B. the/an        C. an/an          D. the/the

9. ________ youngest boy has just started going to ________ school.

A. a/x                          B. x/the          C. an/x            D. the/x

10. Do you go to ________ prison to visit him?

A. the                          B. a                 C. x                 D. an


2. Bài 2: Câu chuyện sau được chia thành các câu nhỏ, hãy đọc và điền mạo từ thích hợp “a/an/ the hoặc x (không cần mạo từ)” vào chỗ trống:

1. There was ________knock on ________door. I opened it and found ________small dark man in ________blue overcoat and _______woolen cap.

2. He said he was ________employee of ________gas company and had come to read ________meter.

3. But I had ________suspicion that he wasn’t speaking ________truth because ________meter readers usually wear ________peaked caps.

4. However, I took him to ________ meter, which is in ________dark corner under ________ stairs.

5. I asked if he had ________ torch; he said he disliked torches and always read ________ meters by ________light of ________match.

6. I remarked that if there was ________leak in ________ gas pipe there might be ________ explosion while he was reading ________meter.

7.  He said, “As ________matter of ________fact, there was ________explosion in ________last house I visited; and Mr. Smith, ________owner of ________house, was burnt in ________face.”

8.  “Mr. Smith was holding ________lighted match at ________time of ________explosion.”

9.  To prevent ________possible repetition of this accident, I lent him ________torch.

10.  He switched on ________torch, read ________meter and wrote ________ reading down on ________back of ________envelope.


3. Bài 3: Điền đúng cách danh từ riêng trong ngoặc đơn có ”the” hoặc không có ”the”:

…(Danube)….. is Austria’s longest river. Our uncle lives on …(Philippines). …(Jamaica)….. belongs to the Carribean islands. …(Statue of Liberty)….. was dedicated in 1886. …(Taj Mahal)….. is one of India’s most popular attractions. …(Dead Sea)….. lies below sea level. …(Everglades National Park)….. is in Florida. Aconcagua is …(highest mountain)….. outside Asia. …(Mount Fuji)….. is one of Japan’s Three Holy Mountains. …(Lake Superior)….. is …(largest)….. of …(Great Lakes)…..

4. Bài 4: Put in some or any:

1 We didn‘t buy any flowers.

2 This evening I’m going out with …. friends of mine.

3 A: Have you seen …. good films recently?

B: No, I haven‘t been to the cinema for ages.

4 I didn’t have …. money, so I had to borrow.

5 Can I have …. milk in my coffee, please?

6 I was too tired to do …. work.

7 You can cash these traveller‘s cheques at …. bank.

8 Can you give me …. information about places of interest in the town?

9 With the special tourist train ticket you can travel on …. train you like.

10 If there are …. words you don’t understand use a dictionary.

5. Bài 5: Complete the sentences with some or any + body/-thing/-where:

1 I was too surprised to say anything.

2 There‘s …. at the door. Can you go and see who is it.

3 Does …. mind if I open the window?

4 I wan’t feeling hungry, so I didn‘t eat ….

5 You must be hungry. Would you like …. to eat?

6 Quick, let’s go! There‘s …. coming and I don’t want …. to see us.

7 Sarah was upset about …. and friend to talk to ….

8 This machine is very easy to me. …. can learn to use it very quickly.

9 There was hardly …. on the beach. It was almost deserted.

10 “Do you like …. near job?” “No, he lives in another past of town.”

11 “Whre shall we go on holiday?” “Let’s go …. warm and sunny.”

12 They stay at home all the time. They never seem to go ….

13 I‘m going out now. If …. phones while I’m out, can you tell them I‘ll be back at 11.30?

14 Why are you looking under the bed? Have you lost ….?

15 The police have asked that …. who saw the accident should contact them.

16 “Can I ask you …. ?” “Sure What do you want to ask.”

17 Sue is very secretive. She never tells …. . (2 words)


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